IoT Facility Management Platform

I&T Solution IoT Facility Management Platform
(REF : S-0188)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • It is the Facility Management O&M automation and Machine Learning platform, constructed with IoT sensors and built with ML capabilities. Target to innovate the local FM / Smart building market, including but not limited to climate control, security, cleaning, maintenance and lighting areas.
  • IoT connectivity using LoRa and LTE/NB-IoT hybrid network - for remote buildings / sites which have access limitations through cellular network only. Bravolinear LoRa and NB-IT setups have been proven in Housing Authority’s project of “Zero Irrigation” and China Mobile’s 2018 nationwide competition.
  • Sense and detection technology – leveraging facility / machinery and our motion detection experience with MEMS based accelerometer / pressure sensor for vibration / orientation and body motion detect.
  • APP-Free and instant notification platform, is our Machine Learning capable chat-bot, developing in co-operation using major silicon valley technology, targets facility and machinery management teams, with scaleable number and dynamic composition of users, prevent potential failure , reduce down time and increase availability.
  • Data-Analytic functions - Electro-mechanical sensing and Machine Learning provides different stages’ alert and alarms, targets machinery having aging and wear-out conditions. MEMS sensors and machine characterization detect component and installation defects through abnormal vibration sensing. Cloud server provides event-log and maintenance recommendation, option to connect to BACnet
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The platform plan delivers to market in 3 main stages : a) Sense Network and Instant notification platform b) Machine Learning Chatbot platform and management report Data driven fault detection algorithm refinement
  • Motion / vibration sensing module (leveraging our 2018 China Mobile HK Envo-Eldy project) adapts to machinery fault vibration sensing, add to existing LoRa system for FCU and water fault monitoring. Initially for HKSTP projects in TKO, Instant notification system target FM using plain conversational / menu driven interface.
  • It aims for scalable facility equipment, ranging from a small number of equipment to maybe hundreds or thousand of them in a building, our chat-app would be hooked up with sensing network and allow average facility management team members to interact, providing timely repair and predictive maintenance tasks
  • The benefit is the amount of actual operational and failure data (Electrical / Vibration) from advanced sensing network, from our E&M working partner’s expert knowledge and analytical model, deriving a fully or partly automated, bias free data driven detection model using a learning architecture
  • The longer range goal of platform is FM managers can improve O&M visibility and be able to make data backed decisions through on time notification and automated process, as off-loading routine guesswork as improvement progress with Machine Learning decision making algorithm more reliable and robust
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Bravolinear Tech Limited
Address:Unit 505, Enterprise Place, 5W, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T., HK
Contact Person:Andrew Kung
Position:Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 2838 1138

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