Wireless Condition Monitoring IoT System

I&T Solution Wireless Condition Monitoring IoT System
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Solution Feature
  • Wireless CdM IoT System is a realtime health monitoring solution for HVAC equipment or rotating machines. By integrating Predictive Maintenance (PdM) strategy and the capability of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), health condition can be evaluated on-site and any early warning will be flagged-up to facilitate preventive maintenance.
  • Machines running with faults would generate abnormal noise and vibration. By measuring the vibration frequencies and corresponding levels, it would identify the machine fault(s) and severity. Further extension of monitoring machine temperature, current amperage, shaft rotating speed, shaft movement or other parameters are available.
  • With our qualified vibration experts, vast site measurement data and complete database with more than 30,000 bearings, it provides smart sensing and alarm triggering algorithm which give indication to facilities management for quick response to prevent emergency shutdown and catastrophic accidents at early stage.
  • Alarm would be triggered by either pre-set or statistical vibration RMS levels, FFT band levels, temperature, amperage etc, then alarm messages would be sent to corresponding personnel via LoRa WAN. Machine learning and pattern recognition would be integrated to it for vibration trending, diagnosis and remaining life expectancy.
  • It is easy for quick deployment and is an ideal and cost-effective plant PdM solution which could help to reduce machine outage downtime, maintenance cost, noise & vibration nuisance, prevent emergency shutdown, catastrophes and extend machine life, increase reliability and energy efficiency.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Provide wireless triaxial vibration and temperature sensors, current amperage sensors, wireless gateway, data processor, Wifi routers, LoRa WAN interface.
  • Provide delivery, site installation, configuration, T&C, regular site maintenance, vibration database & firmware upgrade and support system integration.
  • Provide software and alarm triggering application with LoRa WAN communication protocol. Smart sensing and alarm triggering algorithm would be reviewed and updated by our vibration experts regularly.
  • Detail data analysis and findings will be reported by vibration experts.
  • The data collected could be endorsed as the baseline of machine learning and pattern recognition as well as the guidelines / vibration T&C criteria of particular HVAC equipment for future use in different government properties and projects.
Additional Solution Information V-Sensing Lab - Proposal for LoRa-CdM system (Inno Portal).pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:V-Sensing Lab
Address:Suite 1603, 16/F, Chinachem Johnston Plaza, 178 - 186 Johnston Road, Wanchai, HK
Contact Person:Andrew Yeung
Position:Technical Manager
Tel: 2550 2330
Email: andrew@infrared.hk
Webpage: V-Sensing.com

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