Thermo-electrochemical Capacitor Device / Conversion of Low-grade Waste Heat into Electricity

I&T Solution Thermo-electrochemical Capacitor Device / Conversion of Low-grade Waste Heat into Electricity
(REF : S-0158)
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Trial Project
Solution Feature
  1. HPS team invented a Thermo-Electrochemical Capacitor (TEC) using asymmetric electrodes, a carbon base cathode and a polymer anode in iron redox electrolyte via isothermal heating operation without building thermal gradient or thermal cycle.
  2. The invented TEC achieved heat-to-electricity conversion efficiency (η) over 3.5% at low-grade heat regime below 90°C (>20% of Carnot efficiency ηc), surpassing all existing thermo-electrochemical and thermoelectric systems.
  3. When heated, TEC generates voltage via thermo-pseudocapacitive effect of cathode and then discharges continuously by the oxidation of anode and the simultaneous reduction of redox couple. The system can be self-regenerated when cooled down; this synergistic mechanism allows the cyclability of TEC.
  4. Energy conversion from primary energy carriers to the final energy of use is subject to considerable losses equivalent to about 72% of the global primary energy consumption. The major loss is identified as waste heat and 63% of them are regarded as low-grade heat below 100°C.
  5. As low-grade heat is abundantly available in industrial processes, environment, biological entities, solar-thermal and geothermal energy, we believe that this game-changing electrochemical technology will lead to new and practical applications for efficiently converting low-grade heat to electricity.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  1. Optimized Thermo-Electrochemical Capacitor (TEC) prototype, based on different device parameters and property test (including efficiency, power density, cyclability, durability and etc.);
  2. The impact on low-grade heat-to-electricity conversion and comparison with other thermoelectric generator technologies will be conducted.
  3. On-site installation of TEC and long-term on-site performance measurement, including low-grade heat-to-electricity conversion efficiency, durability and energy saving potential.
  4. Guideline of the application of TEC in local buildings or other applications.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:High Performance Solution Limited
Address:Unit 1104A, Kai Tak Comm. Bldg., 317-319 Des Voeux Road Central, HK
Contact Person:Feng Shien-Ping, Tony
Tel: 5689 1315

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