Transparent glass with multi-functional nano-coating

I&T Solution Transparent glass with multi-functional nano-coating
(REF : S-0211)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • We will develop a new glass with multi-functional nano-coating. The nano-coating will grant the glass with the following properties: self-cleaning, anti-electrostatic, superior blocking rate of Ultraviolet and Near-Infrared radiation, and hydrophobic.
  • The new glass effectively reduces the heat exchange between indoor and outdoor as the nano-coating can block 35% of near-infrared and 95% of far-infrared, which leads to reduced building heat gain from outside in summer and reduced building heat loss in winter - allow saving 20-30% HVAC energy.
  • The new glass with multi-functional nano-coating effectively block more than 90% of harmful ultraviolet - UVA and UVB. protects the health of indoor occupants and slows down the fading and aging of paint, carpets, curtains, wallpaper and furniture.
  • The nano-coating will decompose dust and dirt deposit onto it with its photocatalytic nano-material, which achieves self-cleaning. The anti-electrostatic property also reduces dust and dirt accumulation onto the glass. These properties greatly reduce building facade cleaning cost.
  • Most importantly, the multi-functional nano-coating can be coated on existing building glass facade. turning ordinary glass into the new glass. This greatly increases the feasibility and reduces the cost of retrofitting.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • We propose two types of trial test in the EMSD headquarters to verify the performance of the new glass with multi-functional nano-coating: Simulated test and Application test.
  • In simulated test, two 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m containers with 4 vertical surfaces constructed with glasses will be placed on the roof of the EMSD headquarters during sunny days. The glasses of one of the containers will be coated with the nano-coating, the other one being the control.
  • In application test, two rooms in the EMSD headquarters will be selected. The two rooms should have the same orientation and the same area of glass surface to ensure same solar heat load. Nano-coating will be coated on the glasses of one room, the uncoated room is the control.
  • Outdoor temperature, infrared and UV conditions will be measured and recorded daily. Measured temperature, infrared and UV data inside the two glass containers and the two rooms will be logged to verify the thermal insulation performance. In application test, dust accumulation and hydrophobic property can be compared and verified.
  • Deliverables: 1. New glass with multifunctional nano-coating. 2. Detailed report on both the simulated test and the application test. 3. Engineering analysis report on the cost-benefit and payback of the new glass by energy and cleaning cost saving of the new glass in Hong Kong.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Torpedo Power Limited
Address:B50, TST Plaza, 45-51 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Pamela Lo
Position:Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 63888037

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