Comprehensive Air Side IoT Monitoring and Control System

I&T Solution Comprehensive Air Side IoT Monitoring and Control System
(REF : S-0218)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Comprehensive air conditioning/quality monitoring system with monitoring, analytics and control to improve on energy efficiency and occupants’ overall comfort and wellbeing. System consist of 3 parts. Data Acquisition via IoT. Data Analytics via Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Data Actuation via IoT from the results of the analysis.
  • IoT data acquisition system for air quality. Improves the data resolution of the area of interest by deploying automated air quality sensors to capture relevant air information. Time resolution can be as granular as every minute with data ranges from temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, to PM2.5, CO2, and gases.
  • Data analytics system for analysis of IoT data with capability of incorporating externally sourced data for Big Data analysis. The analytics engine allows different analysis to be processed on the data from Rules based to Learning based, the platform can accommodate the analysis and provide models for data actuation.
  • IoT based data actuation system for indoor air improvement. Based on analysis from the analytics system or from manual control, the actuation system controls various air-based systems to enhance energy consumption and overall comfort and wellbeing for the occupants.
  • Cloud based system for administration of the system from monitoring to actuation. In addition, mobile interface for instant real-time data of the area of interest. For management, report engine to generate reports based on all monitored aspects of the indoor air in the area of interest.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Deploy IoT air monitoring sensors to capture high-resolution air quality data, with sensor net as tight as one sensor per 10 square metre. The high-resolution data will be combined with air side machine data to form the bases for data analysis.
  • Data analysis will be conducted with various AI algorithms. The data will be tested upon and a predictive model will be derived. The predictive results to achieve best energy efficiency and occupants’ comfort can be selected for actuation within the space.
  • Using IoT based actuation devices combined with the results from the AI predictive model, system can actuate various air-based systems a priori to the detection of the condition that may negatively impact energy consumption or degrade the occupants’ comfort.
  • With the air-based system actuating on predicted outcome based on AI models, the results can be compared to the system prior to the modifications. The comparison can then confirm how much energy savings can be captured and improvements to occupants’ comfort.
  • Cloud based system can generate automated reports providing feedback on the operating conditions and the various measured metrics. Savings in energy can be compared to a non-AI enhanced system. Quarterly reports can integrate occupants’ feedback and other subjective information and provide a comprehensive picture of the indoor space.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Engineering Applications Development and Services Ltd.
Address:Unit 602, 6/F, Kingsford Industrial Centre, 13 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, HK
Contact Person:Ronald Lam
Position:VP- Technology
Tel: 21370877

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