IoT Smart Toilet Management Solution

I&T Solution IoT Smart Toilet Management Solution
(REF : S-0222)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Real time monitoring toilets condition through installed LoRaWAN sensors for managing odour levels, humidity, consumable usage and resources
  • Real Time People counting with edge technology and cubicle detection system for detecting usage trends and schedule cleaning staff work according to occupancy intensity
  • Contactless staff attendance taking recording working time and assisting in cleaning performance evaluation
  • Through LoRa gateway, data collected by sensors are sent to our IoT network for deep learning to process user supervision, while being able to recognize process repetitions and anomalies, where results produced are comparable (if not better) to that of the supervisors
  • Alerts, dashboard, reports created by Smart Toilet Management System are shown on web based management portal and mobile apps
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • After 0.5 – 1 year of deep learning, the Ai will gradually take over the role of assignment and deployment of cleaners.
  • Recommendations and changes to the existing cleaning contractor’s cleaning regime with the recognized pattern harnessed from the sensors, thus improving the cleaning contractor’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Performing data fusion between varies sensors to deduce a preemptive decision to the owner and cleaning contractor.
  • Deriving an outcome-based system for the performance assessment of contractor and cleaners
  • Providing many kinds of analytic function, including predictive cleaning job and consumables inventory planning, Cubicle report vs waiting time, Cleaner attendance Vs Air quality report analytics etc
Additional Solution Information SmartLift-WISX_innoportal.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:INFA Systems Limited
Address:17/F, 169 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Kenneth Tsang
Position:Head of Sales and Marketing
Tel: 2231 0808

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