Fixed-wing drone large area mapping & cloud-based image platform

I&T Solution Fixed-wing drone large area mapping & cloud-based image platform
(REF : S-0226)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • We will integrate a new drone technology
  • Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) flights everywhere, safely for the people and payloads, no inconvenient runways, no risky hand launches and expensive belly landings
  • Up to 80% faster surveying operations, ie 400 ha at 3 cm/px in 1 flight, due to the higher camera resolution and longer fixed-wing autonomy
  • Down to 1 cm absolute accuracy, with a top-class PPK and best full-frame image quality, no GCPs required
  • The image captured from the drone will be stored and processed in a cloud-based photo management platform wherein animal counting and identification can be done by computer.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Trial flight in the designed marine area, every day, for a month.
  • Manage all these daily images properly stitched together for viewing the details
  • Store the stitched photos in a cloud-based platform, with easy login with password
  • Analytics and reports on marine animals in the region in the platform
  • Extend to other marine areas
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Digital G Limited
Address:28/f, Devon House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
Contact Person:Andy K L Wong
Position:General Manager
Tel: 92025335

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