A.I. Chatbot for Voice and Text

I&T Solution A.I. Chatbot for Voice and Text
(REF : S-0232)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • people often don’t know where to look for specific and relevant information. As a result, it triggers withdrawal in user engagement and even a bad customer feedback.
  • The A.I. Chatbot assists human operators to cut time costing mundane and general questions and leaves them with more time to handle enquires which requires more human warmth, attention, and assistance.
  • A.I. Chatbot EMSD InnoZone as a real case reference.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • A POC can be built, and with UAT test for the first phase.
  • We develope NLP engine, voice synthesizer, and text to speech engine. And a team full of programmers and engineers to develop solutions in house.
  • We have extensive successful user cases (past projects to be referenced) including Quasi governmental organizations, tertiary institutes, listed companies.
  • Take A.I. Chatbot EMSD InnoZoneas a real case reference.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Asiabots Limited
Address:Unit 201, 16W, Hong Kong Science Park, HK
Contact Person:Huang I Wang (Max)
Position:Sr. Business Development Manager
Tel: 9796 9435
Email: max.wang@asiabots.com
Webpage: https://www.asiabots.com/

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