AI-Based Dual cameras surveillance solution for Marine Parks and Marine Reserve

I&T Solution AI-Based Dual cameras surveillance solution for Marine Parks and Marine Reserve
(REF : S-0239)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • The solution consists of (1) dual visual and thermal cameras for round the clock activity monitoring. (2) AI-based Detection Engine for activity detection, (3) a communication network, (4) a backend database, analytics and notification server, (5) and user interface for event visualisation
  • The cameras and communication equipment at the remote site will be developed to withstand harsh environmental conditions in the rural area. Solar power system and Point-to-point communication infrastructure will also be required to keep the system functioning in a remote area.
  • Deep learning-based AI Detection model will be developed to identify any illegal activities happening in the marine parks and marine reserve. With our patented locating technology using 2D image (US Patent Number 9714833), the location of the activity will also be identified.
  • The image and other information of the detected activities will be transit to the operation center to notify the marine park officer. The activity will be stored in the database there and the officer can visualize the activity via a mapped based user-interface.
  • With the historical information about activities, the headend server will provide advance event searching function, histogram and plots of illegal events for the marine officer to analyze the occurrence of activities and help the officer to plan for law enforcement's resource.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • To ensure the system can function as defined, a trial site with all or partly established supportive infrastructures (e.g. road access, electricity support or broadband network) will be selected. This can reduce the risk of initial system deployment and enable step-by-step system development and testing.
  • Dataset for AI detection model training will be collected not only from the trial site. The images of target activities will be collected from other marine parks and different coastal areas in Hong Kong so that the model can be generalized for use in different marine parks and reserve.
  • The headend server and user interface will be developed to support multiple camera connections. This can help marine officer to visual, study and analyze the events being captured from different locations in a unified platform when the solution will be deployed in full scale.
  • The system will be trial run for 6 months in the selected site to validate its functionalities. During the trial period, the performance of the AI Detection Model will be monitored and fine-tuned to ensure detection accuracy.
  • Depending on budget, it is suggested to establish more than 1, e.g. 2, set of dual visual and thermal cameras in one selected site to validate the multipoint activities' detection, storage and visualization in a unified headend platform.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider: Insight Robotics Limited
Address:Unit 316, Building 16W, No. 16, Science Park West Avenue,HKSTP, Shatin, N.T.
Contact Person:William Tao
Tel: 9041 9963

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