Voice & Text Based Chatbot System

I&T Solution Voice & Text Based Chatbot System
(REF : S-0241)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Systems on hand:(1) multi-lingual text based chatbot (2) conversation design platform (3) ASR (STT) + TTS + PABX All In One System.
  • NLP: Our system scores very high in SQuAD benchmark, it can talk in natural way with users. Fallback solutions are provided, ensuring a safe yet efficient conversation environment.
  • Language: Our NLP and ASR (STT) are based on our own research. In HK, there are two companies have self-developed Cantonese language model, and we are one of them. We support mixed language (Cantonese/English), speaker verification (identify a user according to voice 'fingerprint'). Our system can handle slangs, abbreviations.
  • Integration: Our system supports API,able to connect with the current CRM & PABX (digital) systems in EMSD. A 16bit or high bandwidth is preferred for the voice channel. As our language model is self-developed, the whole system can be placed in EMSD server room, without connecting to web.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Our chatbow platform allows easy conversation flow design. User doesn't have to code. EMSD can modify the current flow (1st designed by PARAMI) and add/delete/update whenever required. Extra AI training not required. This will be suitable for future new functions like handling inquiries of current repair jobs.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Tests: carry out tests in sequence: unit / system / integration / stress / functional / non-funtional tests. Redundancy server , fallback solution is provided, we forecast the error rate will drop from 5% to 2% after 1 month trial run,and 1% after 1 month implementation. Logging & backup recorded
  • System implentation: The core systems are launched, testing data is cleaned, real data is imported, simulation is carried out, finetune of hardware & software will be done. Text based chatbot will be launched first, and then the voice based chatbot.
  • System integration: Core systems will be integrated with existing systems like CRM/PABX, onsite installation provided. Minor protocol issues will be updated, security policies applied, ensuring systems are safe.
  • User training & monitoring - onsite and remote training provided, continuous monitor of various systems performance, accuracy, customer satisfaction.
  • Project handover - warranty service & maintenance plan applied.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:PARAMI Co. Limited
Address:Unit 108B, 1/F, IC Development Centre, 6 Science Park West Avenue, HKSTP, Shatin, N.T., HK
Tel: 9632 1743
Email: derek@parami.ai
Webpage: www.parami.ai

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