PLASCIDE Air Sanitization Solution

I&T Solution PLASCIDE Air Sanitization Solution
(REF : S-0345)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Worldwide patented ‘Plascide’ cold plasma technology: Eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi such as H3N2 influenza, legionella, drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis with lightning speed.
  • Plascide can destroy existing and mutated airborne pathogens up to 80 times faster than other technologies (e.g., UV, PCO).
  • Retrofit series of air sanitizer: For integrating into existing applications and products, e.g., ventilation systems of offices, and medical buildings. The power consumption is from 120 W to 880 W depending on the area covered.
  • Sanctuary sanitizer: For rapid deployment and no installation work required. The power consumption is 175 W.
  • Portable sanitizer: Create personal bubble of clean air protection. The power consumption is 3.5 W.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • A trial test can be carried out by installing the retrofit series of sanitizer in, for example, a clinic, a hospital or an area containing severe contaminated air. Performance in bacteria removal conducted by an independent testing laboratory is then compared between sanitizer ON and OFF.
  • The Plascide technology has been verified by two local universities to effectively eliminate virus, bacteria, fungi and yeast. Total bacteria removal tests have also been conducted by different test laboratories showing its excellent disinfection capability.
  • For quick deployment, Sanctuary sanitizers can be placed in the public areas of health care facilities.
  • For a long-term solution, Plascide retrofit in fan coil or in AHU can be considered in large scale applications.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:A-oneTech Limited
Address:Unit B, 6/F, Valiant Industrial Centre, 2-12 Au Pui Wan Street, FoTan, Shatin, N. T. Hong Kong
Contact Person:Mr. Marcus CHAU
Position:Senior Engineer
Tel: 9151 7542

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