Robot for Non-Contact Delivery

I&T Solution Robot for Non-Contact Delivery
(REF : S-0501)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Through self-developed localization algorithm, the robot can accurately navigate in the building environment, independently plan the path, and autonomously avoid obstacles.
  • Using a IoT intelligent terminal developed by the company, the robot can get on the elevator and go through the gate without human intervention.
  • The robot adopts four-warehouse design, can be multi-point distribution, with mobile phone operation under a single task, can achieve non-contact delivery.
  • Physical and chemical methods for disinfection, chemical disinfection using ultrasonic spray principle, physical disinfection using UV irradiation, strong sterilization, no secondary pollution.
  • Robot distribution and robot disinfection function used at the same time, can achieve no contact is distribution and disinfection, reduce human exposure, effectively block the spread of the virus.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Determine the use of the scene, the engineer survey the scene, feedback the construction plan, the deployment of machinery construction site
  • After the completion of construction, on-site testing of the robot mobile delivery and disinfection function
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Shanghai Yogo Robot Co., Ltd.
Address:Room 6, No. 2, 50 Wenshui Road, Jing An District, Shanghai, China
Contact Person:Vicky
Position:Business Assistant
Tel: +86 18516268571

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