Robotic Auto Floor Scrubber Cleaning Robot

I&T Solution Robotic Auto Floor Scrubber Cleaning Robot
(REF : S-0378)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Using unmanned intelligent floor scrubber robots will greatly reduce cleaners' exposure to suspicious virus-contaminated environments, reduce the probability of infection, and avoid becoming a virus spreader
  • The coronavirus epidemic is transmitted from person to person, with a long incubation period, multiple transmission routes. The cleaning staff has to be exposed to a possible polluted environment for a long time, and there are many people in contact, and the protective measures are difficult to achieve
  • Floor cleaning and disinfection robots are mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting the ground in public places such as schools, supermarket,malls,squares,industrial parks,neighborhoods , airports and train stations
  • The intelligent floor scrubbing and disinfection robot is dedicated to floor cleaning and disinfection. It completes the work through water spraying, scrubbing, sucking sewage, and spraying disinfection sprays
  • The robot runs automatically during the whole process without human contact and effectively cuts off the virus transmission path
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The unmanned robot is equipped with lidar, visual perception, and inertial navigation solutions. This machine builds a large and highly accurate map to automatically avoid pedestrians and obstacles.
  • It has the functions of autonomous startup, intelligent generation of efficient coverage paths, automatic task execution, automatic move, autonomous pedestrian monitoring, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and dynamic path planning.
  • It can automatically control the operation systems such as lifting, spraying and spraying of the brush tray, and has the ability to operate under all conditions. Eight layers of software and hardware security protection to ensure safe operation
  • Equipped with large-capacity battery, high endurance and automatic recharging. Miniaturized, streamlined design allows operation in tight spaces
  • APP has a very simple operation interface and operation process, which reduces the cost of training and communication and reduces manual operation failures
Additional Solution Information 无人驾驶消毒杀菌洗地机器人-深圳博鹏智能科技有限公司.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider: Shenzhen Bopeng Intelligent Technology Co.,LTD.
Address:F2, Building A6, Rongchang Industrial Park, Guancheng community, Guanhu street, Longhua district, Shenzhen
Contact Person:Aimee
Position:Trading Dept Manager
Tel: 18124539252

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