Iot Management System Base on Multidimensional Positioning Wearable Terminal

I&T Solution Iot Management System Base on Multidimensional Positioning Wearable Terminal
(REF : S-0429)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • The Iot management system include wearable terminal, indoor Iot network for positioning and GIS system provide electric fence
  • The wearable terminal design as a watch, which can monitor the health indicators and outdoor/indoor position of the wearing people
  • The wearable terminal support GPS/Beidou outdoor and ibeacon/UWB indoor positioning
  • The wearable terminal support ip67 water proof, heartbeat, blood oxygen test, body temperature monitoring(customization module),break alarm(customization module)
  • The management software base on GIS, can create basement map and define different map area use for hierarchical management
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Design the wearable terminal according to the detail spec, include major function requirement and battery life and communications.
  • Design the management software include management requirement, map draw and define, electric fence set etc.
  • Manufacture 5-10 protype of wearable terminals, finalize major function test and torture test no less than 14 days
  • Specific a test area include outdoor and indoor scenes, assign the positioning test for at least 5 terminals at one time
  • Finalize software and terminal join-test, check all the management functions.
Additional Solution Information Iot Managerment System Base on Multidimensional Positioning Wearable Terminal.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Shanghai Neuvix Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:Room7301,#7 building, No 1687 Changyang Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai,China
Contact Person:Jason Yu
Tel: +86-13564353225

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