Durable antimicrobial coating for door handles

I&T Solution Durable antimicrobial coating for door handles
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Solution Feature
  • A durable antimicrobial coating has been developed with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial effect. It provides a long-term protection against various microorganisms including virus, bacteria and fungi, and therefore reduce the risk of pathogen cross-contamination. It is applicable to a wide range of surfaces.
  • The coating has been optimized with excellent anti-rubbing property. Door handle is the place that will be in contact with different individuals and the anti-rubbing ability of such antimicrobial coating will be crucial to ensure it remains to be effective.
  • The coating has been proven with a wide antimicrobial spectrum, yet it does not induce drug resistant microbes.
  • The antimicrobial coating can be easily applied to door handle surface by simple spraying method and it cures at room temperature. The coating solution contains metal-based active ingredients to provide long lasting antimicrobial function.
  • Patent has been granted. Patent No.: US 9,957,396 B2
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The antimicrobial effect has been proven with gram-positive (S. aureus), gram-negative (E.coli) and antibiotics resistant bacteria (MRSA, ESBL K. pneumoniae). Besides, it has also been shown to be antiviral (H1N1), antifungal and anti- endospore (B. subtilis).
  • The antimicrobial coating has been tested in real life environment in a hospital in Hong Kong on keyboard surface and at HKSTP on toilet door handle surface. It was found that lesser bacteria was found on the coated surfaces when compared with uncoated surface or surface coated with commercially available product.
  • The antimicrobial coating is also in compliance with RoHS and SVHC.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited
Address:Units 515-516, 5/F, Lakeside 1, No. 8 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Hector Hui
Position:Senior Business Development Manager
Tel: 3749 1537
Email: hectorhui@nami.org.hk
Webpage: www.nami.org.hk

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