Masked-Face Facial Recognition Temperature Screening System

I&T Solution Masked-Face Facial Recognition Temperature Screening System
(REF : S-0305)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Our system automates mask detection/no-mask warning, temperature screening/alert and recognizes people even with their masks on. Accuracy is between +/- 0.2-0.4 degree and working distance is between 0.5m-0.75m. Short-range measurement is more accurate than long-range setup as it’s not affected by breeze, air-conditioning etc.
  • The device detects high temperature and produces audible alert and turn RED light on to notify staff. Mobile notification alert can be generated via mobile app. The frontend device is also WiFi-equipped so it can be easily installed at different environments with only power supply needed.
  • The device will also detect people not wearing mask and produce audible warning/turn RED light ON and ask the person to wear mask through onscreen displayed text.
  • The system also recognizes pre-registered users and produce a complete attendance and temperature log of the users being screened. Users not registered will also be recorded into the system together with their temperature.
  • The device and backend Facial Recognition server can also be linked to IP cameras installed on the premises to track and trace suspected person with high temperature or any person of interest.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The trial will require the frontend Facial Recognition panel with thermal Camera module plus a backend computation/facial database server.
  • We can install the frontend devices at test location and connect them to the backend server either through LAN cable or WiFi
  • Additional IP cameras can be added to track individuals with high temperature or any person of interest.
  • User can access the web-based portal which shows the live detection and people tracking views.
  • The frontend device can also be used for door access control and can deny access to anyone with high temperature.
Additional Solution Information hampen_Mask_Detection_Temperature_Screening_solution.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Hampen Technology Corporation Limited
Address:907G, 9/F, Block B, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon.
Contact Person:Felix Chow
Tel: 91863684

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