Nano Coating Oxidation Spray

I&T Solution Nano Coating Oxidation Spray
(REF : S-0335)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Product ingredients: deionized water, nano titanium dioxide, zinc oxide. It is a colorless transparent liquid, which is a non-toxic grade. After sprayed on the surface of the object and irradiated with light source or dried naturally, a nano coating film will be formed.
  • Activation spectrum range has been improved. VOCs is decomposed more quickly and effectively, and it has the characteristics of sterilization.
  • The super-oxidizing ability of nano TiO2 and zinc oxide can damage the cell wall of bacteria, cause the loss of bacterial cytoplasm, solidify the protein of bacteria, cause the death of bacteria, and capture and kill airborne bacteria in the air.
  • The strong oxidizing property of the liquid can inhibit the activity of bacterial viruses, making it unable to reproduce, and has the functions of bacteriostatic, antiviral and antifungal growth.
  • Product is in liquid form. Can be sprayed to door handle, walls, furniture without specialized equipement.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The product can be applied to any surface including door handles, doors, furniture, etc.
  • Applied area can remain hygienic for a long period of time if without aggressive abuse.
  • Product can be reapplied anytime, or at a fixed intervals to enhance the performance.
Additional Solution Information ASA_NanoCoating.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:ASA Innovation & Technology Ltd.
Address:Room 506, 5/F, Enterprise Place, Hong Kong Science Park
Contact Person:Anthony Huen
Position:Chief Technology Officer
Tel: 90462228

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