Fire Extinguisher Using All Electric Power Electronic Sound Wave

I&T Solution Fire Extinguisher Using All Electric Power Electronic Sound Wave
(REF : S-0527)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Develop a fire extinguishing technology to achieve environment-friendly and safe fire suppression by using sound wave. Low frequency sound pressure and air velocity can suppress fire.
  • Develop tone generator and audio amplifier. A sine wave tone generator will be developed to a variable frequency and remote control generator.
  • Design a brand new vortex cannon. The novel vortex cannon will be designed that is dual speakers fed into vortex cannon. The new vortex cannon may make two sound resonating, which may amplify the difference between high pressure and low pressure.
  • A test system of fire extinguisher will be built by integrating tone generator, audio amplifier and speakers with vortex cannon.
  • Examine the effect of flame suppression by using dual speaker with varying frequency and possible modulation. An optimum tone signal and the dimension of vortex cannon are identified.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The fire extinguisher can be remotely controlled via wireless communication or automatic control and also connected with smoke detector and temperature detector.
  • If a fire occurs, the fire extinguisher will generate super sound wave to extinguish fire.
  • Super sound wave fire extinguisher is all electric and no chemical is used. The location will be more environmental friends and no further damage due to the chemicals or water as in the conventional fire extinguishing
  • The fire extinguisher will also be installed on a remote control automation system, handled system, portable unit, heavy duty high power extinguish, or aircraft to extinguish fire for general purpose of special purpose/tasks.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Power Electronics Research Centre ,Department of Electrical Engineering ,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Address:FJ001,Department of Electrical Engineering ,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Contact Person:CHENG Ka-wai
Tel: 9669 1628

Contact Person:Ann Xu
Position:Research Fellow
Tel:6235 8666

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