Asset and People Tracking Solution using Bluetooth Smart Building Infrastructure Solution

I&T Solution Asset and People Tracking Solution using Bluetooth Smart Building Infrastructure Solution
(REF : S-0584)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • The "asset tracking solution" reliably locates people and assets in real-time in a building or across buildings by delivering room-level accuracy by using advanced algorithms and cloud computing resources together with multiple real-time data streams from sensors.
  • Tags are attached to equipment or worn by people as badges. Using the computed tag location information, managers view real-time view of current tag locations within a facility by floor and category. The tag location data may be replayed on demand.
  • Each tag broadcasts Bluetooth messages, which are received by the sensors embedded in the lighting/ceiling fixtures. Using the data captured by the sensors, the application calculates, displays and records each tag’s location as it moves through the building.
  • Real-time alerts can be configured to notify staff when an asset enters or leaves geo-fence areas. Alerts can also be generated based on category counts and duration of stay within the geo-fence. Notifications can be sent directly to mobile devices or via email.
  • The same sensors can be used for lighting control/daylight savings, space utilization analysis and energy management, due to its multi sensors.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Sensors will be installed on the ceiling of the trial area, in a grid-like design and enabled as a cloud-based solution. Bluetooth indoor positioning technology will be configured to match a 2D/3D map of the area.
  • Physical Assets and/or persons will be provided with an Asset Tag or Personal Badge. Tags and badges are IP67 and have an embedded accelerometer. Asset tags have battery life of 5 years. Personal Badges have battery life of 2 years.
  • There will be some supports for the customer in customizing the map in the software, such as geofencing, alerts, playback requirements, filtering and search defaults. If the customer is interested, there are some supports in deploying this solution in mobile app version too.
  • Benefits of the solution include: a) reduce lost time looking for people and assets b) increase staff safety under emergency conditions c) improve process efficiency
  • Benefits (cont): d) cost savings due to increase in asset utilization e) user-defined geofencing and f) replay feature for historical view of any defined area.
Additional Solution Information BLE Asset Tracking Solution_Siemens.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Siemens Limited
Address:Units 503 & 505, 5th Floor, Building 12W, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park,, New Territories, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Jimalyn Yao
Position:Digital Solutions Manager
Tel: 95393376

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