Robot for sorting flats packets

I&T Solution Robot for sorting flats packets
(REF : S-0559)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Flats and packets are small mail items with different sizes and shapes.
  • HKPost would like to adopt robot arm to sort the mail items into bins / drop bags by reading the mail information through barcode scanner / OCR.
  • The sorting system shall quickly identify the delivery location of the mail items and then place them correctly into the right positions for further handling.
  • The output shall be greater than current one.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Sorting speed up to 2400 pcs per hour
  • Multi-directional intelligent wireless vehicles transport inventory with dimensions as small as 2" X 2", and weights as heavy as 2.27kg.
  • Regardless of product orientation, the scan tunnel scans items on all six sides and can read up to eight barcodes on a given SKU.
  • Configurable LED Pack-to-Light system notifies workers when orders are completed or additional actions are required.
  • Sort locations can be configured based on customer requirements.
Additional Solution Information Sorting Line - RV 20200421.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:RV Automation Technology Co. Ltd.
Address:Rm 213 16W HKSTP, Shatin
Contact Person:Rio Chau
Tel: 91719629

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