Mobile Power Hub (Retired EV Battery)

I&T Solution Mobile Power Hub (Retired EV Battery)
(REF : S-0591)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Using retired EV batteries definitely reduce the waste of resources. However, qualifying the lifespan of retired EV battery is a challenge. By using HKPC battery tester equipment, it can identify the battery performance by the analysis of OCV, State-of-Charge estimation. Low quality battery can be avoided.
  • Mobile Power Hub consists of a Main Power System Unit (MPSU) and scalable number of portable battery block. Every Battery Block contains several 65Ah retired battery modules. The aluminum enclosure provide a robust mechanical protection and good heat dissipation performance. The interlock function ensure the cable harness is well connected.
  • MPSU integrates portable battery blocks and supplies AC power for various electrical applications. With external power supply, MPSU can serve on-board charging to the battery blocks. In order to achieve the uninterruptible operations, MPSU can supply AC power while keep the batteries being recharged simultaneously.
  • MPSU includes the Battery Management System, which monitors various batteries status including state-of-charge, power consumption, temperature, operating voltage and current. All these information can be shown on the HMI touch-screen on MPSU. User can configure the MPSU operations by HMI. All operation records will be back-up.
  • Depending on user electrical requirements, the system can flexibly scale up using different number of portable battery blocks in supplying corresponding energy power. For reference, a 12kwh energy capacity can support ~5 hours of 2.5HP air-conditioning. The system maintains safe operations in avoidance of over charge/charge and over-temperature conditions.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The Mobile Power Hub can be used to fulfill power demands at locations where electrical grid is not available. For example, supporting periodic electricity at construction sites, outdoor events or emergency repair service. This flexible solution relieves the urgency of electricity infrastructure setup for temporary facilities or sites.
  • In supporting power outage or electricity suspensions situations, the Mobile Power Hub will be a reliable power source for government departments to sustain their crucial public services, or contractors to maintain workforce operations. The subsequent power usage information can be a reference in designing UPS solution for the affected area/event.
  • Upon trial completion, HKPC and EMSD will analyze the usage records, electricity consumption, and battery health. It will help to evaluate how the battery life cycle and stability will be correlated to application scenarios. The results will help to justify the worthiness to promote retired EV battery usage in HK.
  • The deliverables include (i) Main Power System Unit and (ii) 15 sets of Portable Power Block. The Main Power System Unit contains the host controller system, power distribution unit, power converters and HMI. The Portable Power Block contains retired EV battery and Battery Management System.
  • HKPC is the Registered Electrical Contractor, and holds the ISO 45001:2018 OHS management system certificate in provision of industry support services. The project team members possess the Grade A Electrical Worker, Registered Construction Workers and Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate holder.
Additional Solution Information EMSD_Mobile Power Hub_20200421a.pptx
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Hong Kong Productivity Council
Address:HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Siu Hang Chuen, Daniel
Position:Senior R&D Manager, Green Transportation
Tel: 2788 5437

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