AI-VAV Fresh Air Control System

I&T Solution AI-VAV Fresh Air Control System
(REF : S-0569)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Our “AI-VAV Fresh Air” consists of an End-to-End IoT enablement platform that takes sensor information of People Counting and others which are passed into our Cloud- and Edge-AI Optimizer for energy-efficient fresh air distribution.
  • The system achieves energy saving by leveraging additional design degrees of freedom (via VAV compared with traditional CAV) and finer data granularity (via people counting and other sensor information) for high-performance AI optimizer.
  • The AI-Fresh-Air algorithm fusions multiple sensor data and translates people counting data into user and zone profiles used for optimization. While camera-based people counting and sensing can be used, the algorithm can also leverage other data especially when camera cannot be used due to privacy issue.
  • Our “AI-VAV Fresh Air” avoids typical E&M hurdle for additional system deployment. The system is easy to install where IoT Sensors can be transmitted wirelessly in long range to our Edge unit. The PoE ZoneEase™ VAV also avoids additional power cable deployment at difficult location.
  • The solution saves energy by avoiding excess fresh air intake or excess energy spent on heat exchange thanks to the Cloud and Edge-AI optimizer. The architecture also offers robust Demand-Control Fall-back in case of wireless link or Internet failure.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The trial can be conducted at Office Buildings running with FCU/VRV zone solution with CAV fresh air. This traditional setup often aims at max. occupancy to meet IAQ target and can be benefited from our system.
  • The trial can also be conducted at Buildings with AHU/PAU so as to further highlight the energy saving gains benefited from our AI optimizer.
  • Measurement of Energy Saving should be made including Fan Energy saving, Heat Exchange (cooling coil) saving. There should be a control setup for comparison.
  • For comparison, two settings may be considered: a) similar cooling structure and occupancy at different floors, b) same floors but with AI Engine ON and OFF at alternate times.
  • The trial can be applied to different zones with different user dynamics so as to collect more User Profile datasets which can further enhance the AI model building and training.
Additional Solution Information Fresh Air Energy Saving Control with People Counting - FILL.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Future Impact Lab Limited
Address:Unit 216, Building 19W, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, NT.
Contact Person:Ernest Lo
Tel: 98207776

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