UV Disinfection robots

I&T Solution UV Disinfection robots
(REF : S-0409)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • UV disinfection lamp for disinfection has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, simple operation, environmental protection and no secondary pollution;
  • Lidar navigation, laser detection distance of 25m, accuracy of 2cm, anti-interference of sunlight, can independently plan routes or establish virtual routes, and can bypass obstacles
  • Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, with 3-5 ultrasonic waves, the effective distance of ultrasonic wave is 1.5m, the ultrasonic wave and laser are completely integrated, the obstacle avoidance response speed is sensitive, and there is trigger signal in 0.1s;
  • It can walk, rotate and stop in an emergency. It is equipped with antiskid rubber wheel and does not slip;
  • Four microphone array, voice wake-up, sound source location, recognition distance of 5m, strong anti-interference, recognition rate of more than 90%
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • During UV disinfection walking or suspension, UV irradiation can be turned on for disinfection, odor elimination, sterilization, mite removal and mildew prevention.
  • The route walking robot can walk according to the set route without rail, and can selectively cycle.
  • After the automatic charging work is completed or the power is out, you can go back to charge by yourself.
  • The broadcast content of voice prompt can be set when the voice broadcast moves to different positions.
  • If you encounter obstacles, you can stop or walk around.
Additional Solution Information 解决方案名称-紫外线消毒机器人.docx
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Guangzhou Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd
Address:Room 205, block 10, No. 29, Nanpu West Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Contact Person:Ben LI
Position:Marketing Manager
Tel: 13926251876
Email: 13926251876@163.com

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