Smart Operations Management Solution

Solution Smart Operations Management Solution
(REF : S-0063)
Matched Wish List W-0135 Visual Analytics for Crowd Density Detection
Features of Products / Solutions
  • Integrate mobile, IoT, AI and Big Data technologies
  • AI deep learning powered video analytics
  • Enable people, object and behavior recognition
  • Internal app for field staff and operations team with dashboard and push alerts
  • Capable of integrating external systems such as digital signage, public mobile app, chatbot
Matched Trial Project Trial Site : EMSD HQs
Trial Scale : Designated area at G/F Entrance and E&M InnoZone
Trial Duration : September 2018 to April 2019
Additional information MnV Report_S0063 matched with W0135.pdf
Contact Information

Company: MotherApp Limited

Address: Unit 509, 5/F, Bio-Informatics Centre, Phase 1, Hong Kong Science Park, No. 2, Science Park West Avenue, Shatin, Hong Kong.

Name: Alan Hung

Position: Director, Digital Innovation

Tel: 3590 8478

Fax: 2332 0413



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