IoT and AI Based Robot for Building Management

I&T Solution IoT and AI Based Robot for Building Management
(REF : S-0652)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Fully automated multi-sensor robotics platform performing indoor air quality (IAQ) data collection
  • Advanced AI platform to perform real-time analysis for ambient intelligence, user comfort, and IAQ improvement & energy optimization, performing data-driven robot self-governance
  • Integrated voice and touch panel control on office audio & visual and lighting system within robot
  • Intuitive dashboard with 3D map and BIM connection linked with real-time environmental data collected from robot through transmitting data via low power wide area network protocol, and storing those data into database for dashboard and BIM usage
  • Building system control within indoor office environment, with data-driven navigation safety features and integrated voice and touch panel control
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Self-navigation with AI/data-driven safety features to control speed and avoid obstacles on-the-fly through real-time sensor and historical traffic flow data analysis and minimal manual training
  • Intelligence behind robot can consume real-time data to produce accurate, production-ready machine learning models for analysis of environment, including ambient data (temperature, humidity, air pollutant levels) and user comfort levels, traffic flow heat map for robot navigation and safety, automatic control of equipment for IAQ improvement and energy optimizationn
  • Using wireless communication protocol to interface lighting and av system controller
  • Platform utilizes low power wide area network protocol to send real time indoor air quality sensor data, robot position and sensor data, and establish data connection between BIM and robot / building and robot
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Mix Technology Limited
Address: Unit 1, 14/F Winful Centre 30 Shing Yip Street Kwun Tong Hong Kong
Contact Person:Mr. Gary Kwong
Position:Project Manager
Tel: 23428147

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