Online real-time remote wireless water leak detection system

I&T Solution Online real-time remote wireless water leak detection system
(REF : S-0656)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Machine Health Water Main online-line real-time Monitoring Providing continuous Operating conditions Information
  • Solution will display the routing, location & operating conditions of the main.
  • suspected leakage alarms with location indication function with zero false alarm.
  • Multi-point Non intrusive sensors for Water Flow & leak detection using external ultrasonic flow meters and water leak sensors
  • LoRa based Long Rang Low power Wireless communication with ability to penetrate underground locations
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Pilot project in one location (preferably most technically challenging) to demonstrate the basic functions of the required solution.
  • The pilot solution will provide complete monitoring for one location.
  • Data will will be interfaced with RDCC EMSD system
  • Data will also be displayed on our web and mobile platform
  • The pilot project will provide a valuable insight to EMSD and to the solution provider. This will allow for a more accurate and successful deployment of the full project
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Address:1707-09, 17/F GloryIFC, No. 25 Ronghe Road, Nanahai District
Contact Person:David Bitton
Position:Founder /CEO
Tel: +86.137.2557.4270

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