Long-Range Quick Ultrasonic Corrosion Screening for Pipelines

I&T Solution Long-Range Quick Ultrasonic Corrosion Screening for Pipelines
(REF : S-0657)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • This technology is a rapid testing and screening NDT tools to detect, locate and classify corrosion defects of metallic pipelines. Large sections of piping can be quickly screened from a single inspection point, to achieve 100% volumetric coverage and determine precise locations of corrosion damage
  • The transducer injects low-frequency ultrasonic signals at a chosen location on the pipe and then receives echoes returning from any features or discontinuities. The arrival time of the echoes indicates the distance of these reflectors from the transducer. Furthermore, the transducer measures and trend the pipe wall thickness accurately
  • Thanks to the long-range propagation capability of low-frequency ultrasonic waves, a single inspection point can cover a range of 50 m. This technology can be applied in road-cross buried or insulated pipes. With frequent data collection, corrosion rate can be monitored and input into preferred asset integrity system
  • Continuous monitoring by one-off installation of robust permanent transducer and wireless connectivity means that difficult to access pipes can be easily re-inspected without repeatedly incurring access costs. Data will be sent to cloud server for remote real-time monitoring and A.I. analytics, achieving sensitivities better than 1% cross-section change
  • This approach of screening provides a cost‑effective solution for pipe integrity management and locate corrosion and defects at early-stage before any water-leakage or bursting
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Provide robust permanent ultrasonic transducers, data collecting and storage device, wireless communication device and durable lithium battery.
  • Provide delivery, site installation, configuration, T&C, regular site maintenance, firmware upgrade and support system integration.
  • Provide monitoring, A.I. analytic and data visualization software and alarm system.
  • Detail data analysis, trending and findings will be reported by NDT and corrosion experts.
Additional Solution Information Inno Portal Application - UT corrosion screening (W-0270).pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:V-Sensing Lab
Address:Suite 1603, 16/F, Chinachem Johnston Plaza, 178 - 186 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Andrew Yeung
Position:Technical Manager
Tel: 2550 2330
Email: andrew@infrared.hk
Webpage: V-Sensing.com

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