Work-at-height safety monitoring device and system

I&T Solution Work-at-height safety monitoring device and system
(REF : S-0679)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Integrated cloud platform to manage and monitor workers in the work-at-heights zone. The platform performs asset management, worker status reporting, warnings notifications and time series reporting functionalities.
  • A device (harness device) securely attached to the safety harness to collect its real-time position information, and to transmit the information to the cloud platform. The device also provides device information to RFID reader for asset tracking.
  • A device monitoring the independent safety lifeline and in communication with the harness device to monitor or relay the safety lifeline information.
  • Attachment of the safety harness to multiple safety lifelines can be monitored to allow worker to move or transfer from safety lifeline(s) to safety lifeline(s).
  • User friendly interface to monitor and manage the devices.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Deliverables include: an easy to use real-time safety harness status monitoring system for workers working at heights; monitoring devices that attach to existing harness equipment to monitor independent safety line attachment, positions and other information. All devices and system shall be easy to incorporate with minimal training.
  • Development of software programs for the monitoring system to capture historical time-series records of safety lifeline attachment conditions of the monitored safety harness of the worker while in the work-at-height hazardous zone.
  • Each safety harness and independent safety lifeline is uniquely identified in the monitoring system for asset tracking and inventory control. Monitoring system provides identification information of the worker, the safety harness wore by the worker and the safety lifeline(s) to which the safety harness is attached.
  • Worker entering a work-at-height hazardous zone must wear an identified safety harness and be monitored. If the safety hardness of the worker is found not properly attaching to safety lifeline(s) within a reasonable period of time, alerts and warnings will be send to the safety officer or site attendant.
  • Trial tests at construction sites will be carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed monitoring system.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:LR Construction Technologies Limited
Address:Unit 602, 13 Wang Hoi Road, Kingsford Industrial Centre, Kowloon Bay
Contact Person:Ronald Lam
Position:VP - Technology
Tel: 21370877

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