Safety Belt Sensing System to support Safety-at-Work Practice in Construction Sites

I&T Solution Safety Belt Sensing System to support Safety-at-Work Practice in Construction Sites
(REF : S-0681)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • RF tag with sensor is mounted onto the fall arrester to monitor whether it is locked onto lifeline properly. When an arrester is removed from the lifeline or in the reverse orientation, the corresponding alert message will be sent from RF tag to the backend server via LoRa gateway.
  • Beacon is used to define the hazardous zone which workers enter to this zone should wear the safety belt otherwise an alert message will be sent to backend server.
  • Monitor server is used to analyse the sensor messages from GWIN. If workers are found to be working in an elevated area without properly attaching his safety belt with any anchor point, it will trigger an alarm.
  • Mobile device is used by supervisors to view alarms and overall safety belt status. The mobile app is designed to use a graphical representation of the worker wearing safety belt.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • RF tags with sensors will be mounted onto the commercially available safety belts to monitor the wearing status of the safety belts. Alert will be provided to construction site supervisors in case the safety belt is not properly engaged onto the lifeline or improper safety belt usage is detected.
  • In Hong Kong, there are clear codes of practice in using of safety belts on elevated places, such as scaffolds, gondola and lift shaft. We will have the opportunity to test the system and make use of GWIN under different use cases in the construction sites.
  • We will fine tune the sensor during trial uses in accordance to experiences learnt during the period.
  • After the project, we will work with vendors in the industry to look for licensing opportunities to mass produce products using our technologies to enhance the safety and improve Safety-at-Work practice in Hong Kong construction sites.
Additional Solution Information Safety Belt System Diagram.pptx
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre
Address:Units 1101-1105 and 1109, Level 11 Cyberport 2, 100 Cyberport Road
Contact Person:Ivan Leung
Position:Project Manager
Tel: 39736280

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