Use of Radar/Lidar Technologies for privacy-preserving object counting, detection or recognition solution

I&T Solution Use of Radar/Lidar Technologies for privacy-preserving object counting, detection or recognition solution
(REF : S-0723)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Choice of Lidar: We will employ our self-invented class 1 eye-safe lidar with 60-degree FoV which is able to capture object ranges up to 100 meters. This provides a privacy-preserving solution to any object counting, detection or recognition problems.
  • Analytical Engine: We use advanced AI technique to perform human/vehicle counting, object detection or recognition. We use only lidar data for AI engine’s training to empower our analytical engine to provide various solution to real-world challenges.
  • System description: The system involves privacy-preserving sensory device (e.g lidar) streaming the data to the cloud server for intelligent analytic. The analytical result will be sent to any feedback device like mobile devices, display panel or any alert system.
  • Data Visualization: We will provide a 3D model of the captured sensory data together with the analytical result using common 3D visualization software or web browser to display where users can interactively adjust the 3D model for their best visual experience.
  • Third-party API: Any raw data or status data from the Lidar will stream to the public/private cloud server that provides ubiquitous access to any authorized users or developer for data sharing.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The lidar system can be deployed on mobile vehicles, patrolling and counting the number of people and vehicles on the road to provide data analysis for road congestion.
  • Deployed on the tower around the construction site, the number of people entering and leaving the construction site can be counted, and the personnel entering the dangerous area can be pre-warned to ensure construction safety.
  • Deployed at a large exhibition site, the number of people and the flow of people in the exhibition are counted, and the flow of people data is shared with each booth to facilitate the optimization of booth deployment.
  • Used in railway stations or airports, it can effectively monitor parking and social vehicle violations, and can be used to identify and lock suspicious items in a large number of people.
  • Deployed in residential areas or public places, only use the depth information of the radar to count the number of people and the flow of people, monitor the distance between people to facilitate the prevention and control of epidemics.
Additional Solution Information UNRE Lidar only People Counting System Introduction (1).pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:UNRE AI LIMITED
Contact Person:ANN YAU
Tel: 21442530

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