Non-intrusive operational signal acquisition system for elevator

I&T Solution Non-intrusive operational signal acquisition system for elevator
(REF : S-0697)
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Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Tailored embedded system for lift motor current measurements and other necessary signals will be developed. We also provide an advanced communication solution to ensure stable and efficient data transmission from data acquisition ends to the cloud platform.
  • To enhance the flexibility and accuracy of lift operation monitoring, non-intrusive current sensors are adopted in the data acquisition system.
  • All data collected by the sensors are converted into digital form with high-resolution ADC modules and transferred to the embedded system for further processing and analysis.
  • Through advanced communication technologies i.e. RS485 and 4G, the collected data will be uploaded to the cloud platform periodically with high efficiency.
  • A cloud platform will be developed to retrieve and store the data sent by the embedded data acquisition system. A GUI system will be developed for data monitoring and visualization.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Lift motor current measurements with 4 channels: i.e. 0~60A AC, 0~10A DC, 0~5A AC, and 0~1A AC.
  • Measurement accuracy: MAPE<=5%
  • 20 RMS values per second shall be produced and retrieved to the cloud.
  • A measurement hardware system will be provided.
  • A simple GUI software system will be provided.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Ergatian Ltd
Address:Flexi-Space 126, Smart-Space 8, Unit 01-03 & 05-06 on 25/F, CDW Building, 388 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories.
Contact Person:CHAI Songjian
Position:Technology Director
Tel: 56076466

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