Dangerous Driving Behavior Warning and Analytics System

I&T Solution Dangerous Driving Behavior Warning and Analytics System
(REF : S-0705)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Detection and warning of the signal light’s color, known and unknown obstacles ahead can be done in real-time using the stereo camera’s object detection, triangulation and image processing technologies.
  • The operator’s inattentive behaviors like yawning or talking on the phone can be detected, alerted and recorded by our operator monitoring camera using its behavior detection and recognition technologies.
  • The stereo camera’s vision algorithm is able to calculate the distance of object to train accurately, with less than 5% of detection error in 100 meters.
  • Videos containing crucial information like timestamps, speed, operator’s condition and APM tunnel’s situation can be accessed on the SD card for incident investigation purposes.
  • With experience in edge-side computing and hardware engineering, the front-facing camera and operator monitoring camera can function as a standalone all-in-one device.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • To decide the optimal installation location, physical inspection of the cabin needs to be conducted.
  • To have a better visualization of the APM tunnel, we need to map out the positions of the signal lights and grip poles.
  • To achieve a high detection accuracy of the operator monitoring camera, we need to calibrate the device on-site to ensure the operator’s face and motions are detectable.
  • To ensure the device can detect obstacles with high accuracy, we need to conduct test runs with the operator and calibrate the AI algorithm on-site.
  • To ensure a sufficient time-to-collision to the object, we need to calibrate the parameters on-site.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Address:223A, 2/F, Core Bldg 2, Hong Kong Science Park
Contact Person:Antonio Wong
Position:Director and CEO
Tel: 66514201
Email: antonio.wong@greensafety.com.hk
Webpage: greensafety.com.hk

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