Anti-forward Collison Warning System and Online Review Platform

I&T Solution Anti-forward Collison Warning System and Online Review Platform
(REF : S-0708)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • The stereo camera will issue an audible and visual warning when it detects any obstacles ahead of the vehicle in real-time. Made possible by its object detection, stereovision and AI analytics technologies.
  • In an abnormal situation, a 10 second video recording 5 seconds before and after the incident will be captured, stored on-board, and uploaded to the online review platform, along with its location information.
  • When an abnormal situation arises, nearby operators will be sent a notification to facilitate a timely response.
  • The device will be installed behind the windshield of train to maximize detection coverage, cost effectiveness and protection from vandalism.
  • With multiple real applications and experiences with corporate clients on HK roads, the stereo camera is able to calculate as quick as 3ms, and it can detect obstacles from more than 100 meters away.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • To decide the optimal installation location, physical inspection of the cabin needs to be conducted.
  • To maximize the device’s detection coverage, we need to calibrate the device’s angle on-board.
  • To better speculate potential abnormal situations, we need to inspect the tracks and stations that the trains run on.
  • To maximize the device’s detection accuracy, we need to conduct test runs with a train operator and calibrate the AI algorithm on-site.
  • To determine the train’s best time-to-collision threshold, we need to calibrate the parameters with a train operator on-site.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Address:223A, 2/F, Core Bldg 2, Hong Kong Science Park
Contact Person:Antonio Wong
Position:Director and CEO
Tel: +852 66514201

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