Graphical Analysis for Business Planning

Title of I&T Wish Graphical Analysis for Business Planning
(REF : W-0088)
Project Summary and Challenges

Every year, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund (EMSTF) prepares a Corporate and Business Plan that covers the strategies and financial forecasts for the current year and subsequent years. Financial forecasts include revenues, expenditures, operating results, capital expenditures, cash flows, etc.  The process involves data entry (line item by line item) of a tremendous number of figures, which are then consolidated and reported in ordinary table format.

We would like to improve the way we prepare and use the data, enhance the efficiency of data input and analysis, and ultimately to unleash the potential of the data. We would also like to build a dashboard to facilitate more convenient viewing and discussion of the financial figures.

In short, this project aims to make use of the advanced data analytics technology to enhance the preparation, presentation and impact of the Corporate and Business Plan.

Expected Outcome

Unleash the potential of the data collected in Corporate and Business Planning (CBP) exercise

Expected Project Duration 6-9 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr Wong Tsz Kin

Position: Engineer

Tel: 2808 3168


Project Deliverables

Development of a methodology that enhances the entire corporate and business planning exercise, from data entry to graphical presentation and analysis of financial figures