Electronic Platform for Testing & Commissioning (T&C) and Handover of Projects

Title of I&T Wish Electronic Platform for Testing & Commissioning (T&C) and Handover of Projects
(REF : W-0001)
Project Summary and Challenges

Tsing Yi VEC is a newly built three-storey building which consists of over 30 vehicle inspection lanes. The project will be tentatively commenced from Jun 2018 and ended in Sep 2020. T&C will be conducted in various stages, including factory acceptance test, site acceptance test in equipment level, site acceptance test in system level and migration test, etc. In addition, Building Information Modelling will also be applied in this project.

In the past, T&C records are in paper form. Officers conducting T&C are taking a lot of papers, including approved material submissions, drawings, method statement, etc. for checking during T&C. Paper records are not systematic for tracking and reporting. Besides, some of the paper records may be lost if the information are not properly stored which may affect the future maintenance or replacement planning.

Owing to the short implementation time of VEC project and huge amount of T&C to be conducted, T&C should be conducted in an efficient manner for smooth hand over of the systems. An electronic platform that could record the T&C information systematically and allow the officers to record the site information instantaneous would speed up the T&C process.

Expected Outcome To develop an electronic platform to record the information of T&C and facilitate handover of Tsing Yi Vehicle Examination Centre (VEC) project
Expected Project Duration T&C of the VEC project is tentatively to be commenced from Jun 2019. The platform is suggested to be completed in early 2019 to allow the relevant officers to get familiar with the platform prior to T&C.
Contact Information

Name: Ms Yau

Position: Electrical and Mechanical Engineer/Electrical and Mechanical and Building Services Technology Development/2

Tel: 3757 6019

Email: vanessayau@emsd.gov.hk

Project Deliverables

The electronic platform should achieve the followings;

  1. could be used in mobile devices and share used by project officer, contractor and maintenance agent.
  2. to record the test records in different stages and the relevant items to be followed up, e.g. defects.
  3. to record the shop drawings, material submissions, O&M manual which could be used for checking during T&C and handover
  4. to allow input and sign the test records on mobile devices
  5. could sort out outstanding work
  6. the records should be able to be exported to Excel or Word format