Automatic Vessel Height Measurement

Title of I&T Wish Automatic Vessel Height Measurement
(REF : W-0114)
Project Summary and Challenges

The project aims to apply video analytics and AI technology to the development of an automatic system to measure the height of vessels.

Measurement of the height of vessel above seawater is critical to the safety of marine traffic as it helps minimise the risk of accidental collision of over-height vessel with a suspension bridge over Hong Kong's busy fairway.

Conventional manual estimation procedure cannot provide a fast, real-time and accurate measurement of the height of a vessel approaching a suspension bridge.

We hope the new system will provide fast, accurate and near real-time vessel height measurement. The automatic measurement system will not only save manpower used in manual measurement, but also enhance the safety of marine traffic by alerting traffic control officers to over-height vessels approaching any bridge in the harbour.

Expected Outcome Application of video analytic and A.I. technology for automatic vessel height measurement.
Expected Project Duration 18 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr TANG Ngai Man

Position: Senior Engineer/Municipal/Project

Tel: 2808 3407


Project Deliverables

Development of an automatic system for vessel height measurement