IoT Applications for E&M Facilities

I&T Wish IoT Applications for E&M Facilities
(REF : W-0002)
Matched I&T Solution Internet of Things (IoT) Mesh Network and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Building Life Cycle Management
(REF: S-0011)
Trial Project P-0068
Summary and Challenges

The objective of the project is to identify use case applications for development of HK to become a smart city.

  1. EMSD, who has a role in providing operation and maintenance services for majority of the E&M facilities for government clients, would like to assist its client to provide smart facility monitoring, better resource allocation, and preventive maintenance services through the implementation of IoT sensors and big data analysis.
  2. EMSD is planning to develop pilot IoT network infrastructures using LoRa and NB-IoT, for coverage of EMSD HQ and Kowloon East areas.
  3. In the next stage, we would like to engage universities and startups to assist EMSD and its client to identify and implement Proof of Concept IoT use case solutions to explore their feasibility for territory-wide implementation.
Expected Outcome Development of application use cases using IoT networking for public E&M facilities in Hong Kong.
Expected Trial Duration

15 months (Including 3-month use case identification and proposal, 2-month sourcing of IoT sensors, 3-months application development, 3-month system installation and 3-month trial operation and data collection and 1–month result presentation)

Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Miss Fung
Position:Electronics Engineer/Electronics Technology Development/2
Tel: 2808 3507
Project Deliverables
  1. To liaise with EMSD and government clients to identify and propose IoT use cases for government E&M facilities
  2. To source IoT sensors for connection to the IoT network infrastructure provided by EMSD or others.
  3. To develop analytic backend programs for collection of sensor data, analysis and presentation of results on web interface or Apps.
  4. To install the sensors and set up the backend computer system
  5. To conduct a 3-month trial for operation and collection of data from sensors
  6. To analysis the data and present the result to government clients.
Publish Date 2018-03-01
Closing Date 2018-03-15