Repurposing Retired Electric Vehicles (EV) Batteries

Title of I&T Wish Repurposing Retired Electric Vehicles (EV) Batteries
(REF : W-0139)
Project Summary and Challenges

The capacity of battery decays with repeated charging and discharging. As the state of health (SOH) requirement of battery in electric vehicles (EVs) is comparatively higher, a small degree of decay would affect the functionality and use of the battery in EVs.

In view of the increasing popularity of EVs in the market, there is a pressing need to repurpose retired EV batteries. We would like to explore the second life of these retired batteries and investigate their potential applications, such as putting them to use in lower-demand electrical appliances.

Retired EV batteries suitable for repurposing should be identified, collected and examined for their capacities and potential applications.

Expected Outcome To explore second life of retired EV batteries.
Expected Project Duration 6 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr Lai

Position: Senior Engineer/Health/Hong Kong East

Tel: 25050136


Project Deliverables

Development and implementation of a plan to collect and repurpose retired EV batteries for different application

Matched I&T Solution S-0019 Examination of Backup Generator using Retired Batteries from Electric Vehicles