e-Intelligent Mouse Counting at Drainage Channel

Title of I&T Wish e-Intelligent Mouse Counting at Drainage Channel
(REF : W-0146)
Project Summary and Challenges

We would like to develop an AI system to count the number of mice, which have been active inside a drainage channel over a period of time.

The system should also take photos and inform FEHD of the counts regularly.

Expected Outcome Provision of mouse counting system inside drainage channel.
Expected Project Duration

6 months.

Contact Information

Name: Mr LI Yin Lok

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3155 4097

Email: ylli@emsd.gov.hk

Name: Mr LAU Wing Yin, Dennis

Position: Senior Engineer

Tel: 3155 4063

Email: dwylau@emsd.gov.hk

Project Deliverables

Development of a mouse counting system