Waste Management System

I&T Wish Waste Management System
(REF : W-0147)
Summary and Challenges

We would like to monitor the fill level of waste containers and recycling bins of different sizes with the use of LoRaWAN sensors. Data collected from the sensors will help janitors with better, more efficient waste management.

Back-end web-based applications for data visualisation should be developed accordingly with a user-friendly graphical user interface. The waste containers and recycling bins – with fill-level indicators – should be shown on a virtual floorplan for ease of use.


Expected Outcome This project aims to monitor the fill level of the waste container or recycling bin in different sizes in Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Headquarters with LoRaWAN or other wireless sensors.
Expected Trial Duration 3 months
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Ms. Karen Cheung Pui Yi
Position:Electronics Engineer
Tel: 2808 3519
Email: pycheung@emsd.gov.hk
Project Deliverables

Design and development of a waste management system to monitoring the fill level of waste containers and recycling bins

Publish Date 2019-01-24
Closing Date 2019-02-07