Smart Prison – Passage Surveillance & Health Monitoring System

I&T Wish Smart Prison – Passage Surveillance & Health Monitoring System
(REF : W-0132)
Summary and Challenges

This project aims at the design and development of a system for monitoring and recording the PICs' 2-Dimensional movement tracks in a prison and display PICs' movement on a venue map of the GIS. A suitable technology, such as Ultra Wide Band (UWB), should be adopted to enhance the location detecting accuracy. The allowed deviation between actual and detected locations should not more than 50 cm. The PICs' movement tracks should be stored in the system for retrieving purpose.

The system should be able to identify the PICs with their identification numbers, or else information required, on the venue map of GIS. Restricted zones of the venue can be defined in the system and the user can be alerted if any unauthorized entering to those restricted zones. Grouping of PICs can also be set in the system for monitoring their daily activities. Moreover, the health condition of PICs (i.e. heart rate) can be monitored with alert function if any abnormality detected. The system shall also be able to connect with other CCTV systems in the venue and show the selected video streams in the same GIS.

Expected Outcome
  1. To show the PICs's movement tracks and health condition in the GIS
  2. To store PCIs' movement record for users' retrieving purpose
  3. To incorporate the video streams of CCTV systems in the venue and show them in the GIS
  4. To customize the applications including but not limited to the functions of PIC grouping, alert of unauthorized entering to restricted zones, etc.
  5. To provide the watch size mobile data collector and communication devices with waterproof and vandal-proof design. The lock if any shall be opened by unique tools.
Expected Trial Duration 6 months
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr LAW Siu Lun
Position:Senior Engineer
Tel: 3155 4412
Publish Date 2019-04-09
Closing Date 2019-08-19