Automation and Technologies for Public Toilets

Title of I&T Wish Automation and Technologies for Public Toilets
(REF : W-0187)
Project Summary and Challenges To explore the latest market trend on automation and technologies for public toilets, including auto-cleansing public toilets, technological means for deodorization in public toilets such as application of plasma and photo-catalyst technologies
Expected Outcome To deliver better public toilet services, to achieve deodorization and antibacterial purposes in public toilets effectively; to gather various information in public toilets as such ambient ammonia concentration, volatile organic compounds, total bacterial count, carbon dioxide concentration, humidity, etc. for strategical planning of public toilet services
Expected Project Duration No
Contact Information

Name: Mr LI Yin Lok

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3155 4097


Name: Mr NG Chi Fung

Position: Senior Health Inspector (Cleansing & Pest Control) Headquarters

Tel: 2867 5649


Project Deliverables Automation and technologies for public toilets