Smart Security Labels for LPG Vehicle Fuel Tanks

Title of I&T Wish Smart Security Labels for LPG Vehicle Fuel Tanks
(REF : W-0007)
Project Summary and Challenges

The objective of the project is to establish a monitoring system for

  1. tracking the integrity of an LPG vehicle fuel tank equipped with internal pump as well as building up a database of LPG vehicles; and
  2. facilitating efficient and effective inspections by gas inspectors.
Expected Outcome To maintain the integrity of LPG vehicle fuel tank and improve the efficiency of inspection and work safety.
Expected Project Duration 6 months (Including 2-month sample design and production, 3-months vehicle trial and 1-month evaluation and adjustments)
Contact Information

Name: Mr Hau Ho Chau

Position: Engineer

Tel: 2808 3332


Project Deliverables
  1. To design and produce a RFID label with security and tamper-proof features to be applied on an LPG fuel tank;
  2. To develop a system for conducting more effective and safer inspection.