Air-Conditioning System Optimization through video analytics

Title of I&T Wish Air-Conditioning System Optimization through video analytics
(REF : W-0164)
Project Summary and Challenges (i) To adopt the video analytics (people counting) technology with CCTV system in a dynamic visitor flow venue (e.g. exhibition hall, museum, etc.) By capturing the real-time number of visitors at each thematic area and using the data to optimize the Air-Conditioning System Control Algorithm. With the video analytics technology, the system can collect in real time the data on people flow and adjust the air flow rate according to changes in comfortable environment to the public. (ii) To provide real-time dashboard to display the level of crowdedness of each thematic area to notify the public instantly.
Expected Outcome Optimization of Air-conditioning (A/C) system through video analytics technology
Expected Project Duration 15 months (Including procurement, installation, development, Testing and Commissioning)

(Post date on 27 May 2019. Propose I&T Solution to 10 Jun 2019.)
Contact Information

Name: Ms PANG Ka Man

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3757 6287


Project Deliverables The expected outcome is to (i) enhance the response time of A/C system and hence provide a better thermal comfort to the visitors, (ii) facilitate venue owner to have crowd management and (iii) improve the energy efficiency.