Chatbot service for InnoTour

Title of I&T Wish Chatbot service for InnoTour
(REF : W-0166)
Project Summary and Challenges The purpose of the project is to deploy AI Chatbot in assisting our InnoTour guide to handle visitor inquiries and to provide supplementary information on the exhibits, so as to enhance interactivity. The Chatbot should feature AI capability that allows it to learn from experience and improve service performance. The Chatbot shall provide response on mobile device by text.
Expected Outcome Using AI Chatbot to answer questions from visitors and provide additional information during InnoTour (Guided tour in E&M Innozone).
Expected Project Duration 12 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr Lee

Position: Engineer/Innovation/1

Tel: 3757 6257


Project Deliverables Chatbot service to answers questions from visitors and provide supplementary information on exhibits.
Matched I&T Solution S-0086 Artificial Intelligence Chatbot