Flow Battery for Storage of Renewable Energies

Title of I&T Wish Flow Battery for Storage of Renewable Energies
(REF : W-0171)
Project Summary and Challenges Since the energy crisis emerged, lots of efforts have been put in exploring renewable energies. Yet when it comes to storage, a scalable device shall be developed
Expected Outcome A cost-effective Kilowatt-class flow battery for storing the electricity generated by Renewable Energies shall be developed.
Expected Project Duration 3 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr Ho

Position: Electrical and Mechanical Engineer/Electrical and Mechanical and Building Services Technology Development/1

Tel: 3757 6089

Email: hokc@emsd.gov.hk

Matched I&T Solution S-0010 Kilowatt-class Flow Battery for Cost Effective and Scalable Storage of Renewable Energies