Equipment Preventive Maintenance using Internet of Things

Title of I&T Wish Equipment Preventive Maintenance using Internet of Things
(REF : W-0192)
Project Summary and Challenges

This project aims to develop an easy-to-install and data analytic based monitoring& preventive maintenance system for mechanical components in HVAC equipment like Fan, Air handling unit and Chiller.

Project shall

  1. Be easy to deploy
  2. Communicate through LoRa network to enhance accessibility, as such different stage of failure like pump abnormal vibration, components wear out, shaft imbalance etc. could be detected even for remote and old buildings. This could prevent potential failure, reduce down time and increase system availability.
  3. Develop computer algorithm to diagnose equipment fault and predict component life ,based on collected vibration data.
Expected Outcome

A Data Analytic-driven failure detection system for HVAC equipment with:

  • Multi-stage failure Alarm Triggering System (adjustable)
  • Regular maintenance recommendation report
  • Scalable and reusable vibration data
Expected Project Duration 6 months
Contact Information

Name: Leung Ming Chak

Position: Project Officer

Tel: 5600 2590