Fireman’s Health and Location Tracking System

I&T Wish Fireman’s Health and Location Tracking System
(REF : W-0202)
Matched I&T Solution
Trial Project
Summary and Challenges
  1. Real-time monitoring of Fireman’s heart rate, core temperature, dissolved oxygen;
  2. Real-time reporting of Fireman’s abnormality to affected Fireman and the remaining Squad nearby;
  3. Real-time location tracking of all Fireman's in the incident ground;
  4. Real-time alert to standby rescue team for reinforcement;
  5. The system shall identify the ID of the Fireman, the health, environment data by IoT sensors in the fire-fighter's suit;
  6. No hardwiring for sensors, a body-based network shall pick up all IDs, health & sensor data;
  7. Sensor data shall be adaptive, with fire-fighting suit, it will measure outside temperature, in-suit temperature, humidity, etc.  With diving suit, it will measure depth, air volume remaining, etc;
  8. Synthesized voice alert to Squads in the incident ground through ear plug;
  9. An incident ground Squad mesh network for IoT sensor data and alert messages among all fire ground parties;
  10. The strength of this mesh network shall be enhanced with more members present in the scene;
  11. The whole solution shall be an integrated solution,
  12. Connecting the Squad mesh network with an incident ground communication network;
  13. Connecting Knowledge Management Portal with voice based searching function for expert opinions in such an emergency situation.
Expected Outcome
  1. An ear-plug type health monitor to measure heart rate, core temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc
  2. Data to voice synthesizer to alert Fireman for health data;
  3. Fireman tracking tools to send location to standby rescue team and nearby Squad through voice;
  4. Software to capture Fire-fighting ground data and display on console map of standby rescue team;
  5. Fireman RFID tags, wearable sensors for different environment data to be fitted into the fire-fighter's suit;
  6. Develop Body Area Network protocol to collect wearable IoT data;
  7. Further development on Body Area Network to adapt to different fireman's operation suits
  8. Voice based Chatbot with Natural Language Processor (NLP) trained to Fire-fighter's language;
  9. Development of a wearable radio device - Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) to collect and send data to the incident ground Squad mesh network
  10. Development of an incident ground Squad mesh network using zigbee technology inside the fire ground;
  11. Above components shall integrated into an overall system.
  12. CMUs shall associate with another incident ground perimeter radio network to be setup on adhoc basis;
  13. A cloud based Knowledge Management Portal with Siri like searching function for providing expert opinions to Fire-fighter in emergency situation.
Expected Trial Duration Two years for items 1 to 8; two years for items 9 to 10; two years for item 11; one year for item 12; two years for item 13; Duration for item 1 to 11 - four years; & Duration for all items - six years
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:WONG Chak-kwong, Johnny
Tel: 2733 1558

Contact Person:Mr. NG Cho Hon, Joe
Position:Senior Engineer/ Security/ Kowloon
Upload Date 2019-11-06
Closing Date 2020-02-22