LoRaWAN Smart Toilet IoT Sensing System

Title of I&T Wish LoRaWAN Smart Toilet IoT Sensing System
(REF : W-0211)
Project Summary and Challenges To align with the Smart City initiative and strategic plan to develop a Government Wide IoT Network in Hong Kong, we are now searching for front-end smart toilet sensing device which shall interface with the LoRaWAN Gateway (LoRaWAN Standard v1.0.2 or above). The smart toilet sensing system is expected to achieve the followings:

  1. Occupancy detection & people queuing detection*
  2. Odour level sensing (e.g. NH3, H2S, etc.)
  3. Water leakage detection
  4. E&M fault detection (e.g. lighting detection, vibration detection, etc.)
  5. Resources detection (e.g. Toilet paper roll, water tank level, soap dispenser, etc.)
  6. Temperature & humidity detection
  7. Smoke detection
  8. Demand-based control
  9. Interface with EMSD's LoRaWAN Network Server directly from LoRaWAN Gateway without any cloud service in place in between

*For the occupancy detection & people queuing detection, the communication between the front-end sensors and the back-end gateway should be in real-time or near real-time.

The data transmitted shall be sent to EMSD owns LoRaWAN network server with specified data format, for further integrate with the cleaning management system and analytics services provider.

Expected Outcome Solution provider shall be responsible for design, supply and install such sensors. If solution provider would like to deploy sensors of other wireless technologies in the sensor layer, he/ she must provide integration and encoding/decoding/transcoding services to communicate with LoRaWAN Gateway. Solution provider who could not demonstrate this purpose will be disqualified.

The solution provider could also propose other smart features to further enhance the facility management and user experience. The adoption of additional features would be subjected to Engineer's final decision.

EMSD shall not be liable for any losses (including consequential losses), damages, demands, costs, claims, charges or other expenses of any kind suffered or incurred by the solution provider.

Expected Project Duration 6 months
Contact Information

Name: Ms. Karen Cheung Pui Yi

Position: Electronics Engineer/ Building Information Modelling/ 4

Tel: 2808 3519

Email: pycheung@emsd.gov.hk