Development of Monitoring Based Commissioning System at EMSD Headquarters (HQs)

Title of I&T Wish Development of Monitoring Based Commissioning System at EMSD Headquarters (HQs)
(REF : W-0214)
Project Summary and Challenges The scope of project is summarized as follows:
1. Developing AI model to
(i) continuously study, correlate and analysis data pattern of BMS
(ii) constitute O&M best practice for specific venue
(iii) identify deviation and operational inefficiency by Big Data Analysys
(iv) automatically carry out system adjustment to maintain building E&M systems in optimum efficiency
(v) suggest potential equipment malfunction and propose maintenance schedule

2. Developing web-based user interface to
(i) prompt O&M team when deviation or abnormal occurred, and generate recommendation
(ii) allow authorized operator real-time monitoring analysis result.
(iii) map analysis history and provide recommendation

3. Improving the EMSD data analysis platforms on energy, alarm, maintenance and etc.
(i) make use of the EMSD data analysis platforms to carry analysis
(ii) provide reviews, comments including users interviews/ survey in later stage and discover bugs from the platforms
(iii) suggest improvement proposal for the platforms
(iv) proposal implementation including detailed documents support, knowledge transfer, workflow development, software programme co-development on rule based & AI based analysis including the user interface for management, profession and front line technician
Expected Outcome Development of system continuous monitoring BMS, adopting Artificial Intelligence to study operation pattern and Big Data Analysis, to achieve automatical system adjustment and: (i) building operation optimization (ii) services enhancement (iii) equipment/ system downtime minimization
Expected Project Duration 24 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr. SIN Chun Ming

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3155 4314